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2018 Holiday Wish List

By in Journal

Well, the holidays are here!!! OK, they have been in full swing for a while, I’m just now getting time to whip up this wish list for 2018. Over the past year, I’ve encountered lots of products and innovations for the kitchen. If you are still looking for that perfect gift for the foodie in your life – or just want to make life in the kitchen a little easier, you’ll love this list.


If you are a fan of the potluck or just like to bring comfort food when you go to visit friends and family then this is for you! The Wonderbag keeps your foods hot (in fact even slow cooking) for up to 12 hours! Designed to help with food needs in developing countries, this bag reduces the draw on energy for cooking and keeps food hot for extended periods of time. Never worry about your dish going cold – always serve hot, fresh, and delicious with the Wonderbag.


The Negg

If you are like me, peeling eggs for deviled eggs or other hard boiled egg dishes is a complete pain! In fact, you probably end up with divots, parts of the egg coming off with the shell and likely giving up on the whole idea. This gadget will change your life! I was recently commissioned by the company to create a sponsored post on my Instagram channel and I have to say, I’m gobsmacked at how amazing this product is. Watch our IGTV video on how to make the perfect Hard Boiled Eggs! (oh and you’ll see The Negg in action too!).


Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day: Sweet and Decadent Baking for Every Occasion

Zoë Francois is at it again with another Bread in 5 cookbook that gives you a successful roadmap for creating delicious, homemade bread in just 5 minutes a day. That’s it! She’s the inspiration behind this entire adventure that is Pumpernickel&Rye and this book is an absolute must. But don’t take my word for it, the Washington Post just named it one of the must-have cookbooks of 2018, so grab a copy.


Moso Natural Bags

I’ve been singing the praises of Moso Bags for a while now. They really are amazing at cutting the odors in the places that matter most. I have one in the fridge and one in the freezer and my food has never tasted better. Ditch the baking soda and get these Moso Natural Bags for your odor cutting needs.


The Green Pan

If you are sick of Teflon chemicals in your cooking, this is the next evolution in non-stick and it’s amazing! These pans have a non-scratch ceramic coating which leads to non-stick cooking that will leave you eager to whip up the next meal. Below is their Lima Bronze 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set and below the 10 inch and 8 inch set.  Dishwasher safe, easy cleanup, great cooking. It just doesn’t get better than this.