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Kitchen Ideas

Design - Organize - Save

From my tiny New York City kitchen, ideas for design, organization, and savings.

I’ve had the benefit of living in homes with large full kitchens, but am now challenged with cooking amazing meals in my tiny New York City apartment (with no countertops!). Here are some of my favorite design ideas, tips for staying organized (gotta keep everything within reach), and of course clever ways to plan meals and save money along the way.

Latest in Kitchen Ideas

  • Kitchen Ideas

    Odor in the fridge? We have charcoal for that!

    A few years ago a product landed on my radar that has transformed the way I look at tackling odors in the fridge and freezer (or anywhere in the house for that matter). For years we placed a bowl of baking soda in the refrigerator. If you were fortunate it wouldn’t tip over and make a mess, but who has ever been that lucky? About 20 years ago came the baking soda boxes that had the peel away filters on the side. But there was always the challenge of replacing them in time, they only last a month, and if you aren’t on top of refreshing them, you were left with a week of all your food flavors melding together. But there is a better way, and it comes in the form of bamboo charcoal and Moso Natural’s, Moso Bags. I’ve used these for a few years now, and I…

  • Kitchen Ideas
    storage containers

    Let’s Talk About Storage Containers

    The one thing we worry about most in the pantry is our dry goods and keeping them fresh. I’ve always been a big fan of sealed glass jars (I just love the look), but sometimes you need something that gives you added protection and guaranteed freshness. Often this is the case where humidity is a concern, or you just have a more delicate, expensive ingredient you want to keep as long as you can. There are several storage options on the market, and each gives varying results. I keep an eye on what’s available, and I think the vacuum sealed containers are definitely the best bet. But many of the popular models have drawbacks. The cheaper options I’ve seen have an electric vacuum pump that you have to use (after every single use – how annoying!). One famous brand (which will remain nameless) uses a simple push-button top to form…

  • Kitchen Ideas

    This Kitchen Invention Changes The Cheesecake Game

    I get notes from companies all the time with their latest kitchen tools and innovations designed to make our baking and cooking effortless and enjoyable. But rarely do I get a new product to try that is the result of a home baker, putting their mind to a problem, and then taking their solution to market. This brings us to Cheryl O’Reilly. Now let’s go back to the heart of the problem, water bath baking. Think cheesecakes. If you’ve ever ventured down the cheesecake baking bath you know that the key to a great cheesecake that doesn’t crack is an adequate water bath (the process of setting your baking dish, inside a larger baking dish filled with boiling water). Here lies the conundrum. You make cheesecakes in a springform pan (usually) and the springform pan has a removable bottom that leaves a gap that’s small enough not to let your…

  • Kitchen Ideas
    Pantry Wall

    Trend Alert: It’s All About The Pantry Wall

    There is a new trend rising for kitchen design and I absolutely love it! It’s the pantry wall. So what is this concept? It concentrates storage, the refrigerator, oven, and microwave on a designated “pantry wall” made up of floor to ceiling cupboards. This makes getting rid of upper cabinets easier and really opens up the kitchen. Now I know this isn’t for everyone and some will scream about the lack of storage by ditching the upper cabinets, but hear me out. I’m short. Well not that short at 5′ 7, but short enough to make reaching up in to cabinets a challenge and something that I hate to do. I already tend to shove as much into my base cabinets as I can and everything else ends up in a pantry closet. So why not embrace this wall of cabinetry! By eliminating the gap where a counter normally sits…

  • Kitchen Ideas
    homemade kitchen finds easy

    Stunning, Handmade Kitchen Items, From Etsy!

    I absolutely love finding unique treasures to accessorize my kitchen. After all, why go with the cookie cutter big box container, or cutting board, or bowl, when you can support the artisanal community. And thanks to Etsy, it’s now so easy to connect with artists all over the world and purchase their wares. Here are a few handmade kitchen favorites that I’ve stumbled across on the site in recent months. French Ceramic Butter Keeper Why go with a basic butter dish for your counter. Dive in for a bit of old world french charm with this ceramic butter keeper. It’ll keep your butter soft and spreadable and looks great when placed out on the table for a breakfast spread. These are made by Jonathan Sawyer in San Diego, California and sell for $35. He also makes matching salt cellars, ramekins and sponge holders if you want more of a set.…

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