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Lavender Cream Fruit Tarts

Lavender Cream Fruit Tarts
Christopher Mohs

When entertaining I like to keep things as no-fuss and easy as possible. I absolutely hate getting stressed out preparing enough food so anything that is quick and easy to make a wow factor, I go for. That is certainly the case with this recipe. I started with store bought filo shells, because, why not! Sure, it’s nice to do everything from scratch, and a tart shell really isn’t that hard, but if you can find ways to take shortcuts in your prep for entertaining, take them.

For the filling, instead of going for something that would require cooking and complication, I went for a simple whipped cream filling. The twist here is that instead of regular sugar as my sweetener, I leaned on my jar of lavender sugar. It’s super easy to make too. Just take a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of lavender buds and then blitz in a food processor. It’s a subtle addition to the homemade whipped cream and provides a great base for this treat.

Finally, I topped each tart with two blueberries, one raspberry and a sprig of fresh lemon thyme. It’s an easy one-bite finger food for any event and something your guests will love.

Happy entertaining!

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Lavender Cream Fruit Tarts


  • 2 dozen store bought frozen tart shells
  • 1-pint Heavy Cream
  • 1/4 cup Lavender Sugar
  • 48 Blueberries
  • 24 Raspberries
  • 24 sprigs of Lemon Thyme


Remove the tart shells from the fridge and spread them out on a baking sheet for easy assembly.  Make the whipped cream by beating the heavy cream just until it becomes light and fluffy. As the cream starts to become fluffy, slowly add in the lavender sugar and beat until finished. Be careful not to beat too far into the butter stage.

Wash your blueberries and raspberries and prepare your lemon thyme sprigs. Use the very end of the thyme stems where they have not become woody yet.

Place lavender whipped cream in a large ziplock bag and clip a corner to make a piping bag. Fill each tart shell with the lavender whipped cream and then top with 2 blueberries, one raspberry and the sprig of lemon thyme for each tart. I recommend making this a few hours before your event as storing too long will result in a soggy tart shell.