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Kitchen Ideas

Let’s Talk About Storage Containers

By in Kitchen Ideas

The one thing we worry about most in the pantry is our dry goods and keeping them fresh. I’ve always been a big fan of sealed glass jars (I just love the look), but sometimes you need something that gives you added protection and guaranteed freshness. Often this is the case where humidity is a concern, or you just have a more delicate, expensive ingredient you want to keep as long as you can.

There are several storage options on the market, and each gives varying results. I keep an eye on what’s available, and I think the vacuum sealed containers are definitely the best bet. But many of the popular models have drawbacks. The cheaper options I’ve seen have an electric vacuum pump that you have to use (after every single use – how annoying!). One famous brand (which will remain nameless) uses a simple push-button top to form the vacuum seal which is great! Until my most recent find.

A few months ago, the folks at Ankomn reached out and wanted to know if I would be interested in testing out their version of a vacuum sealed storage container. I’m not being compensated for this review, but I do have to say – I really dig the design and approach.

What makes their design unique and sets it aside from my previous favorite is their dial mechanism to create the vacuum seal. You can control how vacuum sealed you want your product. Not just a straightforward push, but as many turns as you deem necessary. This makes sure that you are vacuuming out all the air you can resulting in long-term freshness you can rely on. The lid comes with a small release button, and the top comes off quickly once the vacuum seal is released.

The construction and material quality are also much better than my previous go-to container. Clear plastic sides make it easy to identify contents, and the square shape helps to maximize storage space. The lid is also incredibly solid, and the gasket that forms the seal appears to hold up over time.

All-in-all, this is an excellent addition to the pantry and something I’d highly recommend if you have food storage needs that go above and beyond everyday use. The price is undoubtedly a premium, but this is a long-term investment in my opinion for quality food storage.