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Read Along As Christopher Captures Life and Food in NYC

Inspiration Right From My Kitchen and Other Observations from Life and Travel.

Living in New York City we’re surrounded by great food, innovative restaurants, and amazing farmer’s markets. I’m constantly on the hunt for fun new recipe ideas. Follow along as I discover this amazing city, find great food, take in life and celebrate the diversity of food and people in this great city.

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    fall recipes

    Fall Recipes and Pumpkin Spice Goodness

    Fall is in full swing! Coffee shops have rolled out their delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes and we’re seeing pumpkin inspired EVERYTHING in our stores. What can we say, it’s one of our favorite times of the year. There simply is nothing more magical than that classic blend of spices that make fall recipes absolutely warm, cozy and so yummy. We thought there was no better way to celebrate than to give you a one stop destination for all our favorite fall recipes that we’ve created over the years. From pumpkin spice to hearty harvest gems. These are all must make treats and dishes for the fall season. So get out there, find your pumpkin, hit the apple orchard, dive into the fall harvest and enjoy every last bite! Breakfast Fall Recipes Pumpkin Cinnamon Brioche Rolls These are at a base my classic brioche cinnamon roll recipe that is a go…

  • New York City Guide
    New York City Coffee Shops

    Visiting New York City? These Are Your Must Visit Coffee Shops

    Let’s talk about New York City coffee shops. Yes, this is a city where there is literally a Starbucks on every corner and as a tourist to the city (and in some cases a resident) you may be tempted to leverage that Gold Card status and fill up your morning brew at this national chain. However, in this city there is literally an endless number of local haunts that serve up a mighty good brew. Several of these picks also feature pastries and doughnuts that are a must try as well. We have to preface this article noting that this list is by no means all-inclusive and there are so many coffee shops that I have yet to discover in the city, but the ones below are mainstays that I gravitate towards for my caffeine fix. So without further ado, here is our list. Kirsh Kitchen & Bakery [caption id=”attachment_13597″…

  • Journal
    Recipe Photography

    Adventures in Recipe Photography

    This past weekend was a whirlwind to say the least! My next cookbook was finally complete (it only took 2 years) and it was time to wrap up photography and get it off to editing. To say the least, I was motivated – perhaps a bit too motivated.  All in I baked off the last 8 recipes from the new book on breads and photographed away. This is all done in our tiny little New York apartment and it certainly gets interesting. This is literally what my desk looked like (my “home office” occupies a small corner of our living room). Keep in mind, the kitchen was stuffed full of packaged up goodies as well. Needless to say, the weekend was productive and this third book is almost off to print. And the neighbors are very happy to help with all of the bakes coming out of the kitchen. Here’s…

  • Foodie Travels

    A Weekender In Washington, D.C.

    A few weekends ago we ventured out for a quick weekender in the capital. History and of course food was on the agenda along with a pretty big family event – my new niece’s baptism. We stayed near my sister’s place in Tyson’s Corner/Falls Church in Virginia and there were a few food haunts nearby that were definitely worth stopping at. Here’s what we found. Let’s start with breakfast. Oh yes, this is exactly as good as it looks. This is Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken in Falls Church, VA and we had heard about this haunt before our trip. As you can see these are not your average doughnuts. In fact, it’s very much in line with the fancier doughnuts you get at the specialty doughnut shops around NYC that we frequent on weekends. Favorites were the Creme Brûlée (with a custard filling) and the Blood Orange Mimosa. If you are…

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