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Time to Discover Your Local Restaurant Supply Store

Time to Discover Your Local Restaurant Supply Store
Christopher Mohs

Have you ever looked around your kitchen and felt that your array of serving dishes and cookery is just less than stellar in comparison with all those great cooks you see on TV? I can relate. Up until I discovered the local restaurant supply store I thought the only way I could have all these fun toys was to shell out mega dollars at the high-end kitchen stores (you know which ones we drool over).

Now if you’ve never been to a restaurant supply store, be prepared to spend a bit of time exploring. You will be overwhelmed! But here is a short list of the five must-have items to make all your favorite Pumpernickel&Rye recipes and serve them up with an extra touch of class.

1)  Sheet Pans

Sure you can buy your sheet pans, cookie sheets, etc at your local discount store. But once you see how inexpensive they are at the restaurant supply store you’ll never feel guilty sending your old pans to the recycling bin for fresh new ones. I’m a big fan of the 1/4 sheet pan size which works well for half dozen cookies. If you are blessed with a full-size oven (which I am not, unfortunately), go for a couple 1/4 sheet and a few 1/2 sheet pans to round out the collection. You’ll find yourself going to them over and over.


2)  Ice Cream Scoops

These industrial level scoops are heavy duty and cost under $10 each.  They are great for scooping out equal proportions for just about anything from cookies and cupcakes to meatballs and dumplings. With the sweeping movement of the scraper you’ll be able to quickly measure out your mixture and plop it out where needed.

3)  Individual Baking Dishes

Individual baking dishes completely changed the way I prepare food. In today’s world, you never know when the whole family is going to be home for dinner and let’s face it, freshly baked food is so much better than leftovers for many baked dishes. With these individual baking dishes in various sizes, shapes and forms will allow you to only bake off what you need for dinner and still be able to toss in that one last serving later in the evening when the last child get’s home from evening activities.


4)  Pots and Pans

Don’t ever underestimate a good quality pot or pan. But when it comes to basic stainless steel cooking – run to the restaurant supply store to stock up and save a bit.  You’ll find stock pots of all sizes and a skillet or cooking pan for literally any need. At double the quality of the discount store and half the price of the luxury retail outlet, you’ll feel good with these in your cooking arsenal.

5)  Individual Serving Dishes

Oh it’s all about individuality isn’t it? Much like my individual baking dishes, I also like individual serving dishes, particularly for desserts. You’ll find ceramic, glass, clay, you name it and in styles both fancy and casual, modern and sophisticated.

So with that list of 5 must-haves, venture to your local restaurant supply store and let us know what you find in the comments below.